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I think it would be amazing to see the following added to the Tado platform\app to improve functionality and usability.

Multiple schedules - This improvement is a must, there needs to be an ability to have multiple schedules per room in place to allow users to manage heating in their homes for different times of the year at ease, especially for Tado implementations that are managing more than one thermostat!!!!! I have been using the solution\app to manage the heating across 7 rooms for almost 4 months and find the scheduling functionality very hands on due to the Tado app lacking some of the desired features listed below. I am certain that this lack of functionality will become a bigger issue over the course of the year due to changing temperatures, which will require schedules to repeatedly be adjusted.

Disabling Schedules - This feature is technically already implemented but needs tweaking. You are currently able, via the home screen on the app, to place rooms with schedules in to freeze protection but the only problem with this is that the setting resets after a given period, which can be annoying because you have to keep monitoring the app to disable accordingly. Yes, an option to avoid this issue would be to completely remove the active schedule and replace it with a schedule that is on Freeze Protection but this feeds in to my point above about messing around with schedules, so it would be nice to have a feature that can disable a heating schedule within a room for an indefinite period without having to mess around with a schedule that you may want to use at a later point.

Schedule Versions - A nice to have. There has been the odd occasion, when making changes to a schedule, that I have made a mistake and saved the changes. In such situations, it would be nice to have the ability the rollback a schedule. Having such a feature, in most cases, would remove the need to completely redo or make multiple amendments to a schedule in the event of user error.

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    These suggestions for scheduling have been raised previously; better to add your support to the existing improvement ideas. In the meantime there are already 3 schedules per room that you can edit/copy and select. Only one of those schedules is for the full 7 days, but you can use the 1 day schedule to permanently set frost protection. The other schedule is 5+2 days.

  • Thank you for swift response! Sure, please could you provide the link to the relevant article\section and I will put my 2 cents in on the topic!

    Yes, I am aware of the existing feature for the multiple days but, as per my original post, think that those features are pretty hands on and, to be honest, I don't believe they were implemented for the purpose you're suggesting, it does seem more like a loophole in the app!

    Thanks for the suggestion although I may opt against it on this occassion because I think making that sort of change creates its own problems because then it means you may be required to continuely be updating the schedule, which is a big flaw in this application and is something I am trying to avoid.😀