Cooling function for Heat Pumps with floor cooling


Please create a function where we can use Tado with a heat pump (equipped with a cooling function) connected to a floor heating system to cool the rooms (with Tado thermostat) to the specified temperature.

Each room is equipped with Wireless Smart Thermostat or Wireless Temperature Sensor. The heat pump is connected to the Wireless Receiver. Each floor heating circuit (1 or 2 per room) has a Smart Radiator Knob at the circuit distribution.

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  • gary333
    gary333 ✭✭✭

    I didn't even know you could cool a floor with a heat pump. Learn something every day? Is this something that's common in countries outside the UK?

  • Mike94us
    At least in the Netherlands it's not uncommon. Brands of heat pumps that have this option are for example Mercuria and Mitsubishi.
  • jlbalboa

    Here in the south of Spain the consumption of my heat pump, with underfloor heating/cold, is much higher in summer than in winter. I will buy Tado thermostats when a cooling mode is available. Not till the date... as you can see here:

  • Markov
    In Hungary also common. This should be supported by such expensive smart thermostats.