Standing charge for energy IQ

It is well know factor within UK for all the providers to charge daily charge (standing charge). Could you please include this option within Energy IQ to be able to set and see the graph with or without (with slider ON/OFF)to represent monthly charges.
This will vastly improve accuracy or shown readings in correlation to people's billing. While working out the value of the bill it will add more data value of usage against actual bills without depending on energy providers.

For me it is very important as my provider refuse to install smart meters which obviously would provide far more live and accurate readings to save more. Currently I input date into Energy IQ every 2-3 days to maximize actual analysis.

Many thanks
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  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭✭

    The idea is that you search for the existing thread and vote there.

  • conallm
    Came here to +1.

    Consumption as m3 is beneficial, but £ isn't helpful unless we add other additional regional/supplier charges to the tariff, such as a daily standing charge.

    Furthermore, for £ accuracy, we also need to be able to add two decimal points to both the tariff rate and the daily standing charge (i.e. 7.49p ≠ 7.09p).