10 Room limitation

Hi, I see this discussion has been closed - any update on increasing the number of rooms above 10?

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    Hi John,

    I don't expect an update on this any time soon. Sorry.



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    Do you mean never? ;-)

  • Just reading this and in case any confusion - Tado can oakley support 10 zones maximum, but can have multiple thermostats in each zone.

    Therefore to work around the limitation, the best/only way is to pair up some rooms into a single zone. I have 18 thermostats across 10 zones, and for example I have multiple bathrooms grouped together in a single 'Bathroom' zone. So long as you pair rooms which have a similar heating schedule there should be no issue. You can also choose which thermostat you want to be the lead (which will become the device from which the temperature is read and triggers heating to all other devices in that zone).

    Hope that helps.

  • Way not acceptable. Time to get this corrected. I don't have a big house, but I have more than 10 zones, bathrooms and halls included. Combining zones defeats the purpose of having zones in the first place. Why would you combine hall and bathroom, for example, if each has different characteristics (windows, access to to other rooms). I thought we had a smart system with TADO. This is not smart.

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    @rossy100 having multiple bathrooms in one zone seems ridiculous - having one thermostat triggering heat in unconnected rooms which are bound to have different requirements completely defeats the objective.
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    Restriction depends how many heating zones your boiler supports or how your heating is configured. I have 6 physical zones between underfloor and rad heating so in theory can support 60 zones

  • This is a disaster. tado had promised 25 TRV supported and this 10 zone restriction does not make sense. I had installed 16 trv and the extention kit; don't want to return everything back. Anyone knows the reason for this 10 zone limit, seems like a config parameter to me.