Can I control more than 10 rooms?

The Tado system is great and I have been steadily adding Smart radiator thermostats to every room. Just bought one for the study and fitted it but in the set up I get: "Assignment to new room by user not possible yet." Realised this is the 11th room.

Is there any way I can get this to work or must I send it back for a refund and just have manual thermostatic valves so heating only comes on if other rooms are heating up?

I guess the other option is to run a second Tado account with a second hub and extension kit specifically to run the top floor but that just seems overkill. Please let me know if the software can support more than 10 rooms. Currently running V3 software.


  • Hi,

    This is a hardware limitation based on the configuration - the maximum number of rooms is 25 without an Extension Kit, but if an Extension kit is present, then the limitation is 10. Due to the large number of requests regarding this, we are already planning on a solution to this.

    For more info on the max. number of devices / rooms, see this help-center article.

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  • Thanks. Do you have a date when the solution will be live? This will allow me to decide if I should return the extra smart radiator thermostats. Real shame if I have to return them.
  • Hi @P_K

    Not in the immediate or foreseeable future, it will take quite some time to implement, so I would recommend returning any additional devices if the rooms must be able to call for heat.

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  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭
    Hi Frank,
    Any update on when this will be implemented? A frustrating limit for me.
    Many thanks
  • Any update? If not I'm tempted to install a second bridge, extension and thermostats just to control the top of the house on a second tado account so every room can be controlled. Question is: is it easy to swap between two accounts on the app?
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