Entering your Energy IQ tariff with pence not pounds

Recording tariffs in the UK would be much more accurate if the app allowed pence/kWh rather than pounds/kWh???
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  • Don't forget about using decimal points.......£0.1034 (for example).......... How accurate do you want it ??🤔

  • The decimal point doesn't work on the keyboard,
    But if you copy and paste an entry from elsewhere you can then amend the digits after the decimal point to gain what your after.
  • Your device seems to be a problem......I was able to enter the value straight in.

  • If it wasn't the tado app I might be inclined to agree.

    However past experience of poor implementation and worse quality control over the many years of Tado - I will go with the app being faulty.
  • OK....if your App is faulty......delete the App and download again. Or try reporting it to tado support.

  • Tado shouldn't be releasing faulty software in this day and age, yet they insist on releasing frequent updates to address unknown faults and frequently introduce others.

    This is minor in the scheme of things, far more annoying when they break geofencing.

    The uninstall app and reinstall is a poor attempt to resolve issues that may be data setting related due to poor upgrade testing and this rarely has an affect other than to lose app settings but will still be faulty as it's an app fault until they eventually have enough complaints and its sorted.

    So no I am not going to try that.

    At least they have the point available to press on the popup keypad (shame it doesn't do anything), sometime back it only had digits 0-9.

  • @Phillip_PAL

    I think you'll find that I was trying to help.......but maybe you didn't see it that way.......I'm not defending tado° cos in my opinion they dont deserve it.........by the way good luck with your apparent issue........I'm definitely out.