Panasonic Peneloop PRO rechargeable batteries


Regarding rechargeable AA batteries, tado° advises to use Panasonic Eneloop NiMH 1900 mAh batteries. But there is a successor from Panasonic: Peneloop PRO Ni-MH 2500 mAh. They seem to be better, but the tado° helpdesk has no experience yet and suggested me to place this on this Community.

Has anyone experience with this new Peneloop Pro batteries?

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  • Montage

    They are Eneloop Pro, surely. They’ve been out for years.

  • eezytiger

    Eneloop Pro may be too "fat" to fit into the already tight battery compartments. I think that is the problem with the larger capacity batteries.

    I use Ikea Ladda 1900 mAh - - which reputedly (see YouTube) appear to be the same as Eneloops, but way cheaper. I've had them fitted since September last year. A few are snug, but I have them in eight SRTs. No problems except some false low battery warnings, which seem to have stopped. False low battery warnings are not unique to my batteries. Several have reported suspiciously premature warnings.

  • Bibbleq

    I've had a bunch of the Ikea 2500 Ladda batteries (which are re-badged Eneloop Pro's) for use in the Tado's and other household stuff. The problem with them is that they are slightly fatter than standard AA batteries. Not enough to cause issues in most devices, but I found in the Tado TRVs it was enough to make them a VERY snug fit. So much so that when Ikea had their "family card" sale end of last year I bought enough of the Eneloop 1900 equivalents so that I had them available jsut for use in the TRVs and they so far have all fitted with no issues.

    So yeah, they will work but might be a tight fit. I just prefered the 1900's as while the run time won't be as long I can just have some spare ready to swap quickly and easily as needed.

    ((I assume you meant eneloop pro rather than peneloop as I can't see much about them specifically!))