Electric underfloor heating on/off only

I understand that electric underfloor heating is not supported by tado.
I was wondering however, for people who already have EUFH (eg in a bathroom controlled by a third party product) and are running a tado system controlling their various radiators, could they use a smart thermostat to control the EUFH. Using the normal open relay on the smart thermostat, you could power the coil on a second 10A load relay which would simply connect the load side of the third-party thermostat. The third-party thermostat could be, for example, set to permanently on at 24 degrees and then the time schedules, on/off, holidays, etc would be able to be controlled by tado allowing you to control all of your heating in one place.
Perhaps this is already possible however I'm not sure how you can close the relay on your smart thermostat without causing the Boiler to also come on and start pumping water.
Some settings would probably need to be added to have a zone on the app be on/off only rather than setting a temperature.
An addition in the next hardware update could also allow connection of a 10k ohm resistor in the floor and disable the built-in sensor allowing control of the floor sensor. This way people installing a new bathroom could purchase a heat mat only and would no longer need a third-party controller controlling the temperature.
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  • hill91
    Yes a electric underfloor heating stat would be ,
    Using warmup at the moment but a Tado one would be much easier to control/energy monitoring heating in the one app