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I've been using Tado for a while now but just with a singel thermostat controlling the whole house. I've recently purchased Smart TRVs to control each romm granularly. I'm just testing one currently, in the same room as the thermostat. I appreciate this isn't going to achieve much on its own, but it's just so I can test how it works and check connectivity (it's the furthest radiator from the bridge).

My first impressions are there are a couple of things I'd like to see, primarily in terms of reporting.

1) I'd like to be able to see the temperature reported by that specific TRV. As it's in a room with the main thermostat the room only reports that temperature, not the TRV. The room has 2 radiators, so ultimately I'd like to be able to see how each one compares to the other to identify cold spots. Even pulling the data through HomeAssistant doesn't report the TRV temp unless I move it to a separate room, it just shows the room temp.

2) Can we get reporting on the current state of that TRV (open, closed etc). I'm not entirely convinced it's working correctly, but currently the only way I can check if the radiator is on is by physically checking it. If I could see the valve state that would save some leg work!

3) Scheduling - I'd like to be able to say schedule room x the same as room y. I appreciate I can copy schedules, but if I change one I need to remember to copy it again. I'd like to be able to set a single schedule that controls several rooms.

4) Can we have a manual override of valve state regardless of temperature. I'd like to be able to say open the valve on this radiator and leave it open regardless of temperature, so that radiator will warm up when the zone is requesting heat without requesting heat itself.

I think that's my wishlist for now, I'll update when I have more :)

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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    Point 1. As it is a one-off exercise, you could 'pretend' that your lounge (for example) with 2 rads was 2 rooms Lounge 1 and Lounge 2 and allocate the 2 rads one to each room. Give them identical schedules and then do your comparisons. Easy enough to change back to normal once you have the info.

    Point 4. Set to Independent.

  • systeq

    Point 1 isn't really a one-off exercise, I would want to monitor it permanently. If for no other reason than I want to see it's reporting a value and not offline (as it is at regular intervals currently).

    I did try putting it in another room, which led to Point 3. If I'm going to have it in another room permanently then I want the 2 schedules linked together. The other issue I has was the Thermostat is in 0.1 degree increments, whereas the TRV only allows 0.5, so I had inconsistencies across the 2 rooms.

    Well reminded though, improvements number 5

    5) Can we allow adjustment of the TRV in 0.1 degree increments. I appreciate they probably aren't that accurate, but it at least allows everything to be configured consistently in the app.

  • johnnyp78
    There’s no point in having 0.1 adjustment increments on trvs because you just can’t achieve that level of control on a typical heating system. Opening a door or even leaving a room (or more people entering) can make a bigger heat difference than that. Not even sure why Tado gives it as an option on the app for rooms with a thermostat when it doesn’t on the thermostat itself.
  • systeq

    Either way the setting options need to be consistent. If 0.5 is the best accuracy it can achieve then that should be the option for everything, though I'd prefer 0.1 even knowing they can't achieve that accuracy.

    With a setting of 19.2 as an example. The rad will turn off at 19 as that's its closest temperature, yet the rest of the heating will continue to run trying to reach 19.2. It won't reach 19.2 as the rad in that room has turned off.

  • johnnyp78
    Yup, like I said, not sure why Tado enabled it in the first place.
  • Montage

    For the same reason they created a suggestions section in here.