Heating advance

This is an old idea that hasn't occurred to Tado as yet.
My old school heating controllers have always included a Heating Advance Button. It's a simple idea - if you have a day that starts a bit earlier than usual, you just advance the whole heating programme with a single click, or turn of a knob. The next programmed action takes over automatically at its normal time. This could be named as the Early Start button.
This is a global command that would advance the whole system including all the zones/additional room stats/smart radiator programmes. Please add this function Tado, it's tiresome having to individually change each of the seven programmes that I have running.
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  • This is a basic function that is sadly missing but gets my vote

  • And from me. I keep changing the daytime temp and wondering why it’s still so warm at 2am
  • There’s a few posts for the same feature, but still not the biggest number of votes…
  • New on here but had my Tado for a while & find that if it’s too hot & I ‘turn off all rooms’, I often find that I forget to put it back on ‘resume schedule’ , the heating doesn’t come back on (obviously) when it’s programmed to do but if I ‘resume schedule’ before the end of the programmed time then the heating comes back on (again obviously). Ideally either add the additional function or tweak the ‘boost’ mode to do the same thing.