Change the hysteresis / PID settings

Hi Tado. The current desire of the smart thermometer algorithm to track the set temperature is killing my hardware. It is turning it on/off so often that things are breaking (like TCVs). How about I can select the min and max settings that trigger a state change? Or if it is a PID system, I should be able to change the coefficients. Thx!
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  • Montage

    Support may be able to make some changes. Contact them and ask.

  • BOG73
    I have asked to change some parameters and the level 2 tech have said: nothing to do while on digital but can only change the histerezys if I go to relay on/off connection instead of digital opentherm. So,today I have switched to relay and weather comp,I have an external sensor connected to my boiler Viessmann 100 B1KC(2019 model,with 1:4 modulation-bad). I’ll see how is getting on with this and hope to some savings on gas bill. Happy with Tado? Mmmm…maibe some competition on the market will help us to get better from Tado side,including customer support.
  • DavidJEdge

    Have you tried reducing the flow temperature of the boiler?

    Also the thing was supposed to be self tuning. Has it calmed down a year later? Tado must have a huge quantity of user data which they use to do the tuning