EnergyIQ - Display volume-based monthly forecast

In my opinion, a volume-based metric is more suitable because it is a consistent metric. Volume indication is not subject to change when energy prices/ contracts/ taxes change.

Therefore, I suggest showing it alongside the "expected monthly heating cost".

Or even better - change it along with the [€ | m3] toggle next to the graph, and remember the user's preference.

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  • Good idea.....but if tado° didn't think of it then it won't be considered by them.
  • Thanks for your support!

    If your statement is right, I wonder why Tado still maintains the ideas/ suggestions page. Does Tado have a history of not considering ideas, even the ones with many upvotes and logical sense?

    If my idea won't get upvoted, and most people have the opposite idea, I totally understand. But I had to say this because an inconsistent metric isn't helpful when making decisions.

  • @shaakunthala there's 1000+ improvement suggestions and it looks like only 8 of those have been updated as released. So the success rate is pretty low. To be fair some of the suggestions are ridiculous or duplicates, but would be nice if someone rejected/reviewed/accepted the suggestions.