Smart light switches


Loving my tado system and progressively getting more and more smart items in my house.

I currently have tado, another company smart door bell and robo vaccume. This now takes 3 app to administrate.

My next smart desire is smart light switches. I don't want bulbs as switches need to be permanently on.

I would of thought tado app be great place for this as it all to do with efficiency savings and whole reason I need them is my eldest daughter keep leaving lights on when she leaves house for school.
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  • GrilledCheese2
    edited February 2023

    In future it shouldn't be necessary to purchase smart devices from one manufacturer. With the recent launch of Matter compatible devices I expect to see a number of third parties developing Matter controller apps that can manage your smart home in one place. There's potential for someone to create a really good app that can be customised. Interesting to see how the smart device manufacturers respond, as some of their apps are woefully inadequate.

  • paulp4
    @GrayDav4276 I know it for central heating but like netflix, disney plus etc it annoying I need to have multiple app to watch things.

    With air source heating does tado become less relevant as my understanding is that these system are generally low heat output all the time?
  • johnnyp78
    @paulp4 yes you’re right, with an air source pump it’s far more efficient when it provides a constant temperature so there’s no need for something like Tado, though I suppose you could put Tado trvs on radiators if you wanted.