Maintenance Service for improved longevity and reliability


I have used Tado throughout my home since mid-2017. It has always gobbled batteries; around 200 in that time (although there is always plenty of battery life remaining when they don’t have enough oomph for the SRVs, and I recycle them for other equipment; the low battery warning email always says that Tado is working to increase battery life). The system operation is relatively complex to understand, and, on several occasions, I have written to Tado concerning issues and features (and generally received helpful explanations).

However, of late, I constantly have problems that seem to be failing SRVs – typically, failing to close TRVs despite batteries being new and then being unable to remount the SRVs. Tado advise to check/ clean battery terminals, which I do, and they are always fine, and I check that the TRVs are operating OK. On occasion, Tado has investigated and advised that there is nothing they can do and the SRV in question should be replaced – so I have invested in some reconditioned units.

I am now starting to conclude that the longevity/ reliability of Tado equipment is fundamentally limited and wondered whether other long-term users of the system have similar experiences. My plumber recently told me that he replaced his own system (with Nest) and no longer recommends Tado to his customers. My confidence would be much improved if Tado offered a low-cost maintenance service, swapping out failing devices.

What are others’ thoughts?

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