Energy IQ tariff information

Energy IQ is only useful if it is accurate, and it's accuracy is dependent on the information you supply it.

Currently tado is asking for the price in £/Kwh when gas is costed at p/Kwh. The app does not allow the cost in £/Kwh to be given to 4 decimal places to allow for more accurate cost estimates..

It should be fairly simple to allow this.
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  • andyblac
    andyblac ✭✭✭

    it already does, just type 0.xxxxx for you requirements

  • Mxg277
    It's not working for me.....I try and set the tariff rate to 0.1034.....tado changes it to 0.10....
  • It truncates to 2 decimal places in the settings, but when displayed in the monthly consumption charts (shown above) the tariff is shown in full.

  • Mxg277
    Well it's even worse in the monthly chart! The tariff is set to 0.1034 in the settings, tado truncates to 0.10, and the chart shows 0.148.

    I mean these are are simple shouldn't be that difficult