Control zone valve and boiler with receiver? (Underfloor and radiator zones)



This is a new system we are setting up as we have just done an extension with underfloor heating and fitted a new boiler.

We have underfloor heating one large room(the extension) downstairs and then radiators in other rooms.

We have 2 zone valves installed, one for the underfloor heating and one for all radiators.

The main thermostat is in the room with the underfloor heating and wired into the boiler and the zone valve.

We have Tado radiator valves for the other rooms.

Can we use a receiver add on to connect to the radiator thermostats and control the radiators zone valve and boiler? (Like number 1 of the below)

Or do we have to have a separate thermostat to control the second zone valve? (Not sure where this thermostat would go as there are multiple rooms that this radiator zone valve feeds, hence using radiator thermostats.)


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    You can use either the receiver or a wired thermostat as the zone controller for the radiator valves. The benefit of using the wall thermostat is that you can group it with a TRV in the same room. You'll have better control of that room's temperature as the temperature sensor in the TRV will be disabled. The other TRVs will continue to operate normally, regardless of the temperature measured by the wall thermostat.