indication that the heating boiler is running

on the app main screen showing rooms another box saying if boiler is active or not
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  • paul0000
    paul0000 ✭✭✭

    I quite like this idea. I work from home a lot at the other end of the house, and have no idea if my boiler is active. Hot Water On/Off - is pretty clear that the boiler will be running.

    However for rooms just below set temp I might like the option to turn off the boiler to save trying to heat single room.

    It also provides a sanity check for some of the strange behaviour tado exhibits from time to time (like batteries running flat and leaving valves wide open calling for heat, or SRV's losing connectivity and staying on past scheduled time).

  • GazzaH
    edited March 2023

    You could have the same three wavy lines next to the temperature that you get when clicking into the square, but have them on the main screen too. If it was orange with any wavy lines then the boiler must have a demand. edit: misread. I don't have other rooms on app so don't know how it appears.