Better accessibility support in the mobile app


Hi there,

Due to the lack of features in the web app (which is bizarre enough on it's own), I'm forced to use the mobile app on a tablet to access a dashboard on a device large enough to read and interact with as I age and my eyesight increasingly worsens.

I'm cool with getting old (ok no I'm not, but there's no one to raise a complaint with. Though if I get my hands on Darwin imma have some strong words about this evolution thing prioritising young people it's very ageist... :D ), but it would be nice if when I used my tablet's accessibility features for larger font sizes, landscape mode and such if the mobile app could actually adapt to this, with tiles and screen elements resizing to cope as needed, using up more space in the margins as necessary to make best use of the portrait/landscape orientation.

This would not be an issue for me if the web app had all the same features but:

  • Quite inexplicably, the web app is more limited than the mobile app. I just cannot wrap my head around this at all. It was bizarre when I got Tado, and here I am 6 years later still utterly confounded by this choice.
  • My accessibility needs are very mild, and I have a PC/laptop. Others' are not, and do not. therefore the mobile app should not be hobbled when someone needs to use the accessibility settings for comfort.
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