Internet Bridge, paired once. Now no lights are working on the Bridge


Unboxed the Internet Bridge, powered it up and paired for the first time this evening. Went to move Bridge to permanent location. Switched power off, moved and plugged back in and now no lights! I have tried resetting, different power adapter and power leads. Still nothing, has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix or do I need a new bridge?


  • davidlyall
    Sounds like it's dead. You'll probably need a new one

    Can you check on your router/switch to see if it sees anything on the network port the bridge is connected to?
  • paulp4
    My bridge has no light on it since moving back in after a pretty bad escape of water from my hot water tank.

    I thought it was broken but it still works I just have no lights as well.
  • Philslyfield

    All sorted replaced the unit..