Wireless Receiver and Internet Bridge keep dropping out


I posted a question previously about my Internet bridge and wireless receiver losing connection but my trv's still being active and heating according to the schedule.

They keep dropping out, which means we are unable to adjust temperatures until everything is reset and connectivity is resumed.

The Internet bridge is with the boiler in the outhouse, which is part of an extension. The bridge is upstairs in the original house. The original walls are big and thick (2 feet wide). Could this be causing the issue? If so, what can I do to get round it? Is it possible to get another Internet bridge which I could place downstairs in the kitchen (also part of the extension)? If so, how much would this cost?

My wife is going crazy saying I've wasted money on the system as it's a pain having to reset every couple of days!


  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    @IslaView thick walls can undoubtedly be an issue for wireless connectivity. can you clarify your device types and locations? Two ‘bridges’ doesn’t make sense to me?

  • Sorry, I stupidly put Internet Bridge when I meant Wireless Receiver. The WR is with the boiler innthenshed/outhouse, and the IB is indoors upstairs.
  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭

    OK. Is the connectivity problem: a) between the TRVs and Internet bridge. Or b) between the wireless receiver and the internet bridge? Or c) both a and b?

  • I *think* it is between the WR and the IB, as when I look on the app they all say disconnected, but I can see that they are still providing heat according to my scheduled times (can see an up to date chart for heating times during the day)
  • davidlyall
    davidlyall ✭✭✭

    Two options I see

    1. Try to move your bridge closer to the wireless receiver. Maybe try a power line adapter to move it close to the outside wall nearest the outhouse. This may cause issues with the TRVs depending on your house construction
    2. Relocated the wireless receiver to the main house by extending the wiring from boiler to house?

  • Still having the same issue. The system worked well for some time, but now I've lost connection to the wireless receiver and cannot get it to reconnect. I have tried long pressing the button on the wireless receiver to reset the device, and I have done the same in the Internet bridge. I've gone into settings and activated pairing mode on the Internet bridge also. The only thing I can do to get any heat is to single press the big button on the wireless receiver to switch it to manual mode.

    In the past I have moved the Internet bridge to many different places, but this did not help. Moving the wireless receiver is my last option, but I think this will not be cheap due to its position in the outhouse. I have read other people's problems and seen mention of an update that changed something to do with the radio signal between the wireless receiver and Internet bridge. Could this be my issue? If I understand correctly, the WR links to the IB via radio signal, then the IB links to thermostats, also updating the info on the app/Internet.

    I really need to get this working before winter or my wife will have had enough and want to go back to a regular heating system and not smart 😟