Hive to Tado wiring terminal mapping



I'm attempting to replace my existing Hive setup (SLR2 + SLT3) with a Tado Wired Thermostat, but I'm confused by the instructions.

Here is how my Hive dual-channel receiver is currently wired:

Note that it says NL1234, and with two other wires going into the earth by the side.

But the tado backplace looks like this:

I'm struggling to find a mapping between these two sets of wiring terminals -- could someone please help??



  • GrilledCheese2

    You've purchased the wrong device. Your Hive setup is for CH and HW, but you're trying to replace it with a wired thermostat that will control your CH, but not your HW cylinder. You need the Wireless Starter Kit with HW Control.

  • shrik
    Oh no! Oh well, thanks for the info, back to the drawing board on this one then 😅
  • GazzaH
    edited March 2023

    To be fair, it is a bit confusing with the different Tados and I'm a heating engineer.

    There's the wireless kit for combi's/one zone only relay control only, there's the dual channel kit for boilers with hot water cylinders relay control only, there's the wired kit which can do ebus and opentherm as well as relay control for a combi or one zone only (or sometimes heating and hot water control if using other equipment (like Vaillant VR65) and then there's an older Tado kit that can do the relay switching of heating and hot water AND the ebus/opentherm. Not to mention the add on temperature sensors which are just extra room sensors but they look like the smart thermostats!