Tado UFH PUMP Control


Hi Tado gang,

My boiler ( diesel ) is old and doesn't need any control as you just set the temperature and it is heating about 1000 litres of hot water storage and then this water is used for heating the rooms.

Although two of my rooms have UFH with saswell controll box and 2 wireless sensors ( see pics below ) , 1 valve is bathroom , 2 and 3 are Living room splited by North and South sides. I will be replacing these valves with Tado radiator thermostats and will have Wired Smart Thermostat in the living room ( working as just temperature sensor ) and Wireless temperature sensor in the Bathroom.

My questions is , how can i control the pump ?? so that it only pumps when there is a "call for heat". Because i already have Wired Smart Thermostat, can i just buy Extension Kit and wire the Boiler Tabs to a pump ? So it is almost like controlling the boiler but instead of the boiler it is a pump ?

If it is YES , how does relay works in the extension kit, does it just closing the electric loop ? how i would connect the pump ?

If it is NO, what are negatives to make the pump running non stop apart from noise and short life.

P.s i have 5 more rooms where there are just heat radiators with Tado SRTs