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combine floor heating & radiator for constant temperature?


We're considering a smart system for our home but can't figure out if Tado could manage our situation. We'd appreciate your advice:

The most important reason for wanting a smart system is the fact we're having a baby and we'd like the babyroom to be a constant temperature. The issue is that this room has both floor heating and a radiator. We fear it might overheat if they don't work well together and fire up when it's getting below the required temperature.

The current floor heating system supplies three rooms at once. The pipes for each room are connected to the distributor separately. The system is quite old, so it doesn't control the pipes separately though. We wouldn't mind changing the floor heating distribution system. All other rooms have radiators, so those can be managed by radiator thermostats.

Is there a setup which would work?

Thanks in advance,



  • MichaelMichael | Moderator


    The best way is to install zone valves for the different rooms, wire Smart Thermostats on these valves. On this way the Smart Thermostat can open a valve when there is heating demand and close it when there is none. An Extension Kit should be wired to the boiler so this device can send the heating signal to the boiler, so the boiler will fire up. For the radiators you need Smart Thermostats.

    If you're Dutch (could be a Dutch name in my opinion), you could contact www.wifithermostaten.nl to install zone valves and tado°.

    If you have additional questions, Support is happy to help you out:

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