Automatic temperature/ventilator speed for TADO Smart AC control.


A growing number of people use air conditioners (AC) to heat their houses (cheap, available, efficient). 

Temperature measurement is done in the AC unit, close to the ceiling of the room.This location results in poor temperature control in the room (stagnant warm air layer). With the TADO Smart AC control you can measure the temperature at the location you want thus improving temperature control. However the TADO Smart AC control can only be used with one AC ventilator speed per installation. You need high speed (noisy) when it is cold and low speed when warmer (close to the setpoint). Switching the AC on/off reduces the lifetime of the compressor but also creates (uncomfortable) swings in room temperature.

My proposal is to adjust the TADO Smart AC control so that it can control the room temperature by automatically adjusting the temperature/ventilator speed setpoint.

(Most AC’s have an auto control setting for their ventilator speed. TADO Smart AC control could use this setting as well)

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