Helpful for Tado to revert to the original temp when turned back on again, not just the default 21C


As you can see from the screen shot below, on a Friday there are 7 different time / heating slots in one room - all of which may need to be turned off when occupied and then turned back on again - often on an alternating weekly cycle

Ideally there would be a second Heating on/off toggle switch that works for the entire day and reverts to the existing settings when turned back on again. Alternatively it would be helpful if the default setting (currently 21C) could be set by the user for an individual "home".

Currently after turning off a timed heating segment, Tado always reverts to 21C when the heat timer is turned back on again, rather than what the setting was previously.

This is a real pain, not least as we almost never have the heating turned up to 21C so the person doing the programming has to be aware of this issue.

Technical support came back to me with the following but it's not really workable on a frequent basis.. I expect that some other users have similar issues to me..

"This is not an issue or a bug, but intentional by design. Most customers only set their schedule twice a year on average and generally don't change those settings as much.

When you want heating to be off for a specific time period, you can manually turn the heating off for a specific room and choose the duration of that command.

This is a more simple way to turn heating off, if it's not needed for a specific room, instead of editing the schedule settings. You can make a manual temperature change either directly on the device or in the tadoº app. The duration each lasts for is set in different sections of the app.

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