Improve wireless temperature sensor clip

The clip that attaches the unit to the wall mount (backplate) does not hold the unit in place well enough.

Even when taking the unit out of the original packaging the clip didn't hold the backplate and the sensor device together. It's only a 1/4mm half spherical bump and doesn't seat strongly enough.

I reported this to support who were unhelpful and then linked me here to leave a suggestion. So here we go. Genuine customer feedback. Fingers crossed someone actually reads this and feedback actually goes to the design team to actually fix it in a v4 or something. Surely someone at tado tried this before shipping to customers. Honestly I can't believe I'm having to use double sided tape to hold a 60 ukp hardware device to its wall mount that's firmly screwed to the wall.
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  • davidlyall
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    I assume this is identical to the Smart Thermostat design. I must admit that I've had no issue with my Smart Thermostat staying in it's holder for the last 3 years. This is despite it being in the hall near the front door which is regularly slammed by teenagers 😂

    Maybe yours has a manufacturing fault?