Away mode schedule

It would be great if Tado would support an away mode schedule: a schedule that only operates when away mode is triggered, instead of the current single away mode temperature.

My use case: due to dynamic energy pricing it is wise to start heating around noon, even if I'm away. But if I'm home in the morning than heating should start in the morning.
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  • Keryo
    edited October 2023

    Yes, this would be great. My case is different. I work mostly at home and my wife goes to the office. She is very sensitive to low temperature, I am not. When she leaves, I manually lower the temperature and when she is back I raise it. It would be great to be able to program the temperature according to her presence.

    To be able to change to only one temperature for the whole home is not enough. I would like, for example, to set a lower temperature in the sleeping rooms but a higher one in the living room or in the study.

  • MagnusF
    Agreed - being able to schedule Away mode would be great for times when the whole family is away!