Access to bad connection data and signal strength


To help with placing the internet bridge, It would be helpful if there was an easy way to see when devices (eg radiator thermostats, wireless boiler controller etc) have disconnected from the internet.

A list of the times they disconnected/reconnected or even just a total count of the times this happened. Currently to see this, you have to scroll back the graphs for each device. A count on the front page for each device of the number of these in the last 30 days, for example, would be great.

Also, if they keep details on the signal strength they get from the internet bridge, this data would be very useful in placing the bridge correctly if it was available to the APP users.

Putting this function into the API, along with the ability to reboot or calibrate a device would be VERY helpful.

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  • pcone
    pcone ✭✭✭

    The connection status of each device is included in the API information. I have set up a graph using Home Assistant to track when devices disconnect, and this has helped me find a spot for the Internet Bridge which provides the best converage for my house. Should be in the main app of course, but Home Assistant can help in this regard

  • virtualm

    Can you offer any advice how you set this up? I'm new to Home Assistant but am a tech guy so am curious.

  • wateroakley
    wateroakley ✭✭✭
    edited August 2023

    did you work out how to do this ?