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May I kindly request you to stop using odd numbers on the Y axis of your graph?


I can’t believe you still ignore so many of your clients asking for an update on this feature since 2019. 

It’s quite easy to address the issue by either stop using odd values on the Y axis for temperature and humidity or, allow the user to manually adapt it with his own preferences. 

Sorry but having horizontal graduation at 22º and 25° with one blind line at 23,5º is useless and unreadable. Same for humidity at 40% and 55% when the middle line is… 47,5% then. If at least it was the same scale all the time but no… unfortunately this axis is just changing every single day!

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  • It’s even worse with the latest update. Now Y axis is showing the bottom line at 51% and the top one at 57% of humidity, of course axis values still changing every single day… this is just a joke! A bad one precisely