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Could you look at the possibility of add on-product such as a radiator fan kit... fans that clip under the radiator, controlled by the Tado valve, so when valve turns on, the fans help circulate the air around the radiator?... this would make a great add-on to Tado and help make it stand out from the other smart valve systems. .... would be even nicer if the fan kit had option to connect to a 2nd kit for bigger rads, could be mains powered and act as "power" to the smart valve!, or even for a small solar panel to be on window, linked to the raditor fan (which acts as battery pack), which links to the smart valve!!!

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  • grantparsons
    This would be a great idea to add these. Have been look at getting sone but to control the on off of the fan at a pre defined lower temp controlled by tado
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭
    edited January 7

    Those on the UK market have a magnetic 'probe' to attach to rad and only at a given temp activate the fans. They work quite well but do require rad cleaning more regularly given the additional air flow. They are available in above or below rad designs and I can see no advantage in having tado decide when the fan starts/stops, it's just basic common sense?

  • Prosper0

    Can't you just use a normal stove fan? I don't see tado doing this kind of hardware, same reason why they dont make radiators, it's just not their bag.

  • GrayDav4276

    Could tado please stir my tea.......🤣......only joking 😇

  • wateroakley

    In a previous life we had a fan-assisted CH rad that would stir the air. Unfortunately, it would chill the room occupants after the rad core had cooled 🚩