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As someone who has a Tado extension kit, wired into my boiler using Opentherm for modulating control, I'd love to have the option to limit the maximum output that tado can call for. Perhaps even on a room by room basis.

The default is that tado will call for maximum output if the temperature of a room is quite cold. However, this prevents one from using a more 'low and slow' approach to get a room up to temperature, which would -for some boilers- be more efficient.

There are times when you want a room heating up as fast as possible... And there are times when you don't. I'd like Tado to give me some control here, to help make the most energy efficient configuration.

Many thanks!
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  • pcone
    pcone ✭✭✭

    If your Tado and Boiler are set up for OpenTherm control, you can already change the maximum flow temperature from this page (which is linked from the professional installers app:

    I've found it sometimes takes a day or so for the change to take effect.

    Tado customer services can also make that change for you.