App improvements please!

1) It would be really good if we could see the average house temperature across all smart radiator valves in the wireless temp sensor and then have the option to boost ALL to a set temperature and not just 25c.

2) Being able to manage the boost funtion better (e.g. boost lounge & office together for a set time), so maybe adding sub zones within the main screen.

3) Please add the battery % so we can see how much life the batteries have in smart radiator thermostats. I work away a lot and want to make sure my radiators will function when I am not there.

4) More visibility in the connection to the wireless receiver such as signal strength.

5) Calibration option when a smart radiator is switched off for a number of months (e.g. summer). So enable, the valve to open & close a number of times to make sure the pin doesn't get stuck (without firing up the boiler).

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