Wireless Temperature Sensor upgrade


When I first saw the Wireless Temperature Sensor, I thought, brilliant. I love tado products and that will be a great addition to my setup.

I started reading, and to my surprise (semi considering the product name), I got to know that it is "only" a temperature sensor. I think there is a massive missed opportunity here from the Product Management perspective.

It would be fantastic to extend this device to also measure humidity and CO2.

Personal take - I would be buying 10 of those today.

Unfortunately I already have a lot of temp sensors on top of tado devices.

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  • samd
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    It does measure Humidity but not CO2 but even with the former it is not accurate. It is accurate enough with temperature but humidity, for example, is currently 5.6 percentage points under-reading against 70% actual (calibrated device) in my living room.