New Product - Tado Hot Water Cylinder Thermostat or Sensor needed

Tado already make a good range of Thermostats and Sensors to control the hot water flow to domestic radiators.

However, in (the fair few) countries that rightly or wrongly use a hot water cylinder to store pre-heated water for use with domestic taps, Tado has no product available to support this. This means there is a shortfall in the Tado product range for all these markets - and this could, and probably does, impact sales of Tado in these markets.

My suggestion is that the Tado product development team either:

  1. Take an existing Tado product and modify it for use with hot water cylinders, or,
  2. Support a product from a third-party manufacturer that could address this if Tado themselves can’t or won’t do this.

To give an idea what might be involved in modifying an existing Tado Thermostat or Sensor for use with a hot water cylinder, our existing hot water cylinder contains a non-electrical “Myson TCV”. This appears to be basically an ordinary TRV, with a dumb sensor attached by a single wire to the hot water cylinder metal surface, which is calibrated to handle a different temperature range to a radiator TRV. 

It shouldn't therefore be too hard for the Tado product team to modify one of the existing Tado Thermostats or Sensors to provide functionality to sense the hot water temperature in a hot water cylinder and provide basic feedback to the Tado receiver/receiver. The feedback needed would just be the temperature of the water in the hot water cylinder (or a close approximate value of it). 

Tado itself could then, based on whether the temperature of the water in the hot water cylinder is too cold or too hot, switch the gas boiler on or off as needed. In addition, this would allow for the “heating” (ie pre-heated by a certain time) option that Tado already supports for standard radiators to be implemented.

As I think this is a serious omission in the Tado product range, I would strongly suggest that the Tado product development team address this so that Tado don’t lose sales to their rivals who will be willing to address it.

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  • If Tado ever updates its products to support matter then adding third party products will be a real possibility, but I think its current stance is that the hot water cylinder market is too small to justify making its own products for it.