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Solving the internet bridge problem


I have read multiple posts on resolving the issue when the internet bridge stops working. i.e. all 3 lights not on.

I have invested in a significant number of tado devices, so I'm looking to solve the problem rather than switch to a new device manufacturer.

I have just been on holiday for 3 weeks and twice my internet bridge stopped working.

I am trying to find a solution/ workaround so I can fix the issue remotely if I am not home, rather than physically unplugging the bridge and resetting it.

Currently I have my internet bridge connected to a smart plug that I just switch off remotely and then turn back on. After one or a few tries of this I do manage to fix this remotely but it doesn't always work first time.

Has anyone else come up with a solution/work around?

I was contemplating adding a second internet bridge to my network, but not sure if this is possible.

Appreciate to hear what others have tried?


  • Similar to your solution - but more basic: I have the PSU for my bridge plugged into a simple time switch that powers it down for 5 minutes in the small hours of the morning. That one simple thing has rendered my tado system 100% reliable (touch wood) for over a year now. It most certainly was not beforehand.

  • davidlyall

    As far as I was aware, bridges powering down appeared to only affect those powered by the USB on certain types of internet routers. I've not heard of the issue with those connected to dedicated USB power plugs

    If you both have the same issue and were using dedicated power plugs then it feels like a possible issue with your bridges. Unfortunately, it's not possible to have more than one bridge in a system

    My own is powered directly from my Vodafone router USB and has been rock solid since I installed in 2019