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There is a huge need for boiler cool down period. Similar to what Honeywell do, so it doesn't fire up every few minutes again as heat being called for each instance but waits 15-20 minutes in between finishing boiler work and starting new heating cycle. Maybe this is already happening not sure but I have feeling that it's not.
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    One of the more common causes of Short Cycling is over-sized boiler. A lone person working from home, correctly using smart systems to keep a very small part of the house warm would auto-invoke the same sort of usage of their boiler as over-sizing. To have a cool down period would mean a cool down period in the area meant to be kept warm! Turning off the boiler for 15 minutes in my house in winter for each cycle would be a disaster.

  • Let's say you have 8 rooms with tvrs, each room loosing heat at different rates so instead of firing boiler up 8 times per h to accommodate each tvrs call when it's cold, fire it up 4 times in h and save your boilers health.
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    But the boiler doesn't fire up really like that does it. All the boiler knows is that it has to provide heat to a level set on the boiler by the user. It doesn't know how many outlets are requesting heat but the more there are the less likely it is to short cycle.

    In your example in your opening post, are you suggesting we have a system where a couple of rooms are being heated and have just finished a boiler cycle: I then want to use another room and turn it on but have to wait 20 minutes for it to start to heat up?

  • Yes that's right, patience 😁. But really it would be very rare when you decide to move room that's not heated between cycles and you would heat all rooms anyway just at the lower temperature when unused so its not a big deal to wait few minutes extra for heat to kick in
  • It's not like Tado should enable this as default, rather as an optional setting - how many cycles per h boiler can fire up and people whose houses aren't with paper walls can save their boilers.
  • short cycle timeout is and should be a function of your boiler controls - it is on mine.

  • I have oil boiler Firebird Envirogreen Slimline heatpac 20-26kw, were can I find it?
  • The point is moot..... because tado doesn't supply this facility and never will with their current range of products.