Customers' data and statistic processing, storing, keeping and access


Dear tado° (community)

I have a feedback-concern regarding privacy in your service.

Recently I had a case with a malfunctioning (I believe so) thermostat head device. While the discussion is still going in that thread, I have another concern:

during our conversation the support engineer mentioned:

> The last time your bridge was online was the 18th of May.


> If the issue occurs again, please tell us the date and time when it happened and we will take a look at it.

That means each (support) engineer can access my devices' state and history without my explicit consent?

I believe that somewhere in our agreement to consume your services I allowed to collect and store some data, but I was pretty confident it will be somehow anonymized, timely wiped out and only a very limited group of people can access it, and only after my explicit consent per case basis.

At the end those employees could use this data to "spy" on customers, and if at the same time they can access customers' address and location - this could lead to thieves, robbing or other crimes.

Pls treat the customers' privacy seriously! Don't collect, distribute, share, process and keep customers' data without explicit need!

Pls take seriously GDPR regulations (, anonymize data and clean up timely!

Thank you for understanding

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  • I think its worse than that Im in a support process myself and they have sent settings down to my devices enabling and disabling features etc. - If they can manipulate the settings - id expect a disgruntled employee about to leave the company could have a right laugh turning everyone's central heating on full blast in the middle of a heat wave or the opposite...


    Do tado's representatives read these community threads?

  • johnnyp78
    Don’t think so, no one from Tado has replied for months.
  • royi

    @radistao Before installing any cloud system (with any company) you should have read the terms and conditions, without previous knowledge of your past issues they won't be able to assist with any issue current issues. If you are concerned about your privacy, you should remove the tado system and go back to the manual system.

  • i did read them, but there were general conditions only with words complying general data protection. And my complain is exactly that those general data protection is not followed properly.

    I understand, that any cloud company collect and stores data, but good companies follow the privacy and protection rules: anonymize collected data, restrict access of third parties and internal staff, retain properly and wipe timely. And all those things are regulated with multiple laws, the most known is GDPR.

    And all these things i know and they are related to my daily job, as i also work in cloud company, and we treat our customers' data with high privacy and protection, restricting all undesired accesses.

    > If you are concerned about your privacy, you should remove the tado system and go back to the manual system.

    No, i'm not against the progress and i highly appreciate all companies doing such Smart House things, helping us to save time, funds and protect our environment. But such things should be properly implemented without "scarifying" customers' comfort and safety.