Better control of away mode



I'm using my AC as a heat source for my summer home and away mode is very important for me.

"Away mode" is not just "over the day", "while at work" in this situation but the major mode of operation.

The problem I have is that you can't create time slots in away mode, so the AC have to stay on and cost money more then necessary. In spring and fall I really just need heating at night, to keep the temp above 12C and the rest of the day it could be turned off completely. Instead of running a few hours, during the early hours, I now have to run the AC 24/7. A lot of electricity wasted there!

Also it would be a good thing to be able to adjust temp below the AC's supported lowest setting. This could be done if Tado not just sets the temp, but as it has a built in temp sensor it could easily control this by turning the unit off/on to achieve a stable lower setting then the 16C that a lot of AC units has as it's lowest setting in the heat mode.

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