Add a hot water 1 hour boost button in app

To save going into scheduling for short periods or having to switch hot water off rather than defaulting to the next change please add a simple 1 hour boost button.

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  • Hi, did this get added +
  • Hi, did this get added
  • CukeUK
    edited November 8

    The Wiser system has two physical buttons on the hub, one for the hot water and one for the heating. When the boost is over the system returns to the last setting. Far better than tado's system where you can only use the app or the, rather confusing, wireless smart thermostat, then it'll return the heating to its schedule not to manual off if that's what it was set to.

  • its currently 4 screen presses to turn hot water on for 1 hour - but agree a quick boost button in the action buttons bar at the top of the home screen would be a welcome addition. Theres already a boost heating button so why not one for water.

  • +1 for this improvement.

  • How is it 4 screen presses for 1 hour of hot water? I can only turn mine on or off....

    1. Click the Hot Water Box on the Tado Home Screen
    2. Drag the Temperature to the Desired Temp (55 deg C by default)
    3. Click on the edit pencil icon at the bottom of the screen to edit the "Unitil" time
    4. Drag this to 1 hour

    4 touches :)

  • weird, i only have an on/off toggle....

  • Yes, really needs this feature, Nest has it. It's just an obvious thing, otherwise I need to remember to turn it off. Can Alexa manage this?
  • You could always use "ALEXA" i(f you have it) and set a voice routine which means that you can set up a Hot Water Boost to your own specifications.......I have done this and it works.