Connect to existing wireless receiver

I have searched this forum and looked at installation videos and general searches. It seems that despite many heating systems having wireless thermostats for turning the heating on and off, via a signal to a receiving box wired to the boiler, your system requires replacing this receiver with some slightly scary rewiring. My suggestion is that you tie into the existing various manufacturer protocols and have us take the batteries out of our old wireless thermostat. This would surely make this common configuration significantly easier for novice installers.
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  • johnnyp78
    Never going to happen with this generation of devices. Tado uses a different protocol to communicate with its devices and a different frequency from other systems, plus some people with combi boilers will want to install Tado on a fully modulating digital connection rather than switched relay. There is a slim possibility of something like this happening if manufacturers start to adopt matter but there’s no sign of it happening yet.
  • Damion
    Using a different wireless protocol of its own for example zigbee / matter, is not that important. All these devices need to do is additionally have correct transmitters for a number of common wireless thermostats types. Mine is so simple I'm fairly certain it's just sending on and off instructions with basic RF signals. The temperature or timing logic is all built into the controller itself.

    Instead I guess I'm going to have to do the scary stuff.

    To be honest another option is to integrate with the switchbot. This could be placed on top of my wireless controller on its plus one button.