Air source heat pump linked to UK's Octopus Energy Agile Tariff


Tado should add the ability to heat up the water cylinder using an air source heat pump based on the cheapest energy rate of the UK's Octopus Energy Agile Tariff. This could save lots of £. It would need some AI or the like to spot what is likely to be the cheapest rate for the day, though that may be quite stable and for a certain periods overnight. Tado could potentially be super-smart and also make use of warmer times of the day when less electricity would be needed to heat the water, say if the cylinder needed topping up due to lots of people having showers, say.

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  • @richardn10 did you find a way of linking to Agile. this is exactly what I want to integrate. These two systems are screaming to be integrated.

  • Manuel

    At IFA we launched the Heat Pump Connector with Balance Heat Pump. It sounds like the product you are looking for, given that your heat pump is compatible You can also read more on its integration with hot water cylinders on our help centre

  • Where can we purchase the heat pump connector in the uk as it does not appear to be available in this market?
  • I have just been informed "We are sorry, there are no current plans to sell the HPC in the UK, ever."

    Given that this thread indicated that the HPC product is compatible with the Octopus UK agile tariff and the Vaillant heat pump is supported in mainland Europe, can you please consider releasing a product in the UK that can work with Heat Pumps. The UK governments are pushing for renewable technologies as an alternative to Gas and many new build houses are getting basic heating controls on sophisticated heating systems. I have replaced my underfloor heating stats and TRV's with Tado to provide some element of customisable control, but there is no integration into the HP. I currently have a slightly smart heating system and would like a service similar to what is available in mainland Europe.