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How to fix massive temperature overshooting?

Hi, now that the colder season is coming, annoying issues with my tado system are coming up again...

The main bathroom (2 radiators, both with smart radiator thermostat, it is quite a large room) has a schedule to heat the bathroom in the morning and evening to 22'C. You can see this on the top chart. Tado heats to the desired temperature, perfect, this is exactly why i bought into the system, being able to heat the bathroom. Unfortunately this schedule causes the rest of the house to heat up as well, and this is exactly what i wanted to avoid when i upgraded to tado!

In the bottom 2 charts you can see massive overshooting in two rooms (both rooms have 1 radiator equipped with 1 smart radiator thermostat). Both rooms aren't demanding heat, the area under the curve remains light grey, so the valves should remain shut. However on both occasions, morning and evening, temperature rises from 20'C to nearly 25'C !!

What is going on here? Why doesn't the smart radiator thermostat shut the valve completely? They appear to be properly mounted and calibrated without error messages...

Can anybody help?


  • Having the same problem as you mate. Came out of nowhere. Nothing has changed in my system but all of a sudden I’m getting temperatures of 26o in rooms upstairs. :-(
  • I have the same problem - spurious heating on 2 of my 8 Tado controlled radiators. Despite setting the temperature (to say 18c) they ignore the setting and reach 26C and more. I have contacted Tado support - let's see just how quick they are at contacting me.

    I've trawled through some threads in this community and we aren't alone in this topic. I've followed the instructions from Tado, followed the guidelines by other community contributors, removed the 2 radiator thermostats, removed batteries (varying time length from 10 minutes to overnight), refitted batteries and devices to the radiator, fitted the thermostats on other radiators that are fine. No fix I'm afraid: they give off the same E1 error message - implying that it is the thermostat devices themselves as the common denominator.

    Prior to them going awry I did not physically touch them so no idea but I have spent a solid 2-3 hours trying to work out what the issue is.

  • Hi guys, this is either a calibration issue as Arthur2sheds has tried or the actual valve has stuck open.

    This can usually be solve by removing the tado head then tapping and pushing down on the valve pin, had this problem myself on 2 of mine recently. Do not pull the pin though as you would risk pulling it out followed by a jet of possibly hot water.
    Refit tado head.
    Failing this you may need a new valve body fitted.
  • I have this issue on one of me trv from day one. Tado are now replacing it. It would appear the pin on the valve accually screws in; if you hold your finger on it when it's retracting, it comes off.
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