Graph Line To Show Requested Temperature

I have proposed the following to Tado. They have suggested I put it on here so it can be discussed and voted on by the Community members. 
Any feedback then helps them determine what they should change, and which features they should develop further.

My proposal is to make slight change to the graphical history to include a line on the graph of the requested or target temperature (Set Value) as a line rather than been shown temporarily when you draw your finger across the graph.

I agree you can see the temperature requested or set value if the option of the symbol with the three wiggly lines is selected AND you put/draw your finger on the graph. However what I’m proposing is the requested temperature could be shown by a line on the graph when the symbol with the three wiggly lines is selected Or have separate symbol to select to be shown on the graph as a separate line. See attached illustration of the proposal.

Hope this illustration clarifies the proposal. (Colour of line for illustration only, it could be any colour)
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  • Unfortunately what tado have done here is to "kick the can down the road" it will take years for tado to consider that there is enough interest in your request for them to even consider there is no "action" from tado on requests that have been running for over 3 years.
    Basically.....tado have fobbed you off.