Proposal for an Affordable Wireless Temperature Sensor

I propose the development of a simplified, cost-effective version of the Wireless Temperature Sensor Add-on. Presently, despite the "Offset" feature, relying on the Smart Radiator Valve as the primary temperature sensor for an area proves to be ineffective. The feature lacks the sophistication required for accurate temperature control.

Given that most temperature control is either automated or app-controlled, the inclusion of a display, physical buttons, and touch-sensitive controls is redundant. It is noteworthy that the current Temperature Sensor is significantly pricier than the Smart Radiator Valve, despite both devices performing temperature and humidity measurements, featuring LED displays, and providing temperature adjustment capabilities.

Additionally, I suggest offering a dedicated Wireless Radiator Valve designed solely for valve open/close functions. This valve could be used in conjunction with a standalone Wireless Temperature Sensor focused exclusively on temperature and humidity measurements. Such a combination would not only reduce the cost of both items but also enhance temperature measurement accuracy.

In summary, by simplifying the Wireless Temperature Sensor and introducing a basic Wireless Radiator Valve, we can provide more affordable options while improving temperature measurement precision, meeting the needs of a wider range of customers.

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