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I have 10 rad valves and 1 thermostat installed. I am getting a problem with 1 valve either showing no remote access or heating being switched off. I have mounted the internet bridge vertically as advised. I have tried moving it and using power line adaptor, but then a different valve dropped out which was in fact closer to the bridge. And the valves further away were fine. All the valves are within 15 metres, and in fact when I moved the bridge, the valve that had problems was about 8 metres max. and the valves furthest away we’re fine.

It is almost as though the bridge struggles to communicate with more than 10 devices, and is always dropping one unit out intermittently. I have now moved the bridge back to the original position and during the night a different radiator valve ( third one) has shown no remote access. It is intermittent and the valve does kick in after 5/10 minutes, but this should not be happening. It appears to happen mainly in the middle of the night although has happened in the day, and is always when the valve is closed and not heating. I wonder whether the bridge may be faulty.

Surely Tado need to look at extenders if this is a distance problem.


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    Why dont you mismount all the TRVs and put them in the same room for a quick test, see if there is still one that drops out. If so, you may be correct about the 10 device limitation and Id certainly like to know.

    As for range; Ive not had problems myself, but others have; since each TRV is a sender/receiver, tado should really build a mesh network so that instructions can be relayed from one device to another. That would eliminate range issues in every conceivable setup. I wouldnt hold my breath though...

  • I've added a "new feature" request for a range extender or mesh network here. If everyone who wants this votes for it, it might get more attention from Tado's development team. Thanks :)

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