Internet bridge and router combination.

Thinking of changing my ISP to get a better deal but concerned about connectivity of my Tado wired thermostat and the internet bridge into a new router.

Moving from BT where it all works but at a cost to Zen Internet, who use a totally different router, a Fritz! 7530. Now Zen say there is no reason for it not to work as all the right connections are there but cannot guarantee it.

Does anyone on here use that combination of ISP and router and does it work?

Can you think of any reason why it shouldn't work?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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    @Reggravel Have a look at this thread (

    Unfortunately, the OP has not returned to say whether or not it worked.

  • Hi @samd Thanks for that link.

    Have written to OP for info

  • Why would the bridge work on certain routers only? What is the actual issue? Has Tado looked into it? Is there a way to debug it?
  • The Tado bridge operates at 10Mbps half-duplex (only talks in one direction at a time). This is a valid ethernet standard and for Tado's needs, perfectly adequate

    This can result in the following issues

    1. The bridge just doesn't work as the certain models of router don't support that standard. They may only support full-duplex and/or a minimum connection speed of 100Mbps
    2. The bridge works but the low connection speed drags down the speed of the rest of the network

    The simplest solution in both cases is to buy a cheap managed switch to go between the router and bridge. Ensure that the switch supports the connection needs of the bridge.

    Just like rechargable batteries brands in the TRVs, it'd be useful to have a thread where people post their experience with routers.

    Personally, I've only used Tado with the Vodafone THG3000g router and have no issues.

  • Thing is, I already am using a switch (Aruba Instant On 1930 with PoE), so I find it a bit odd having to add another switch to a switch.

    Besides, I do not think in this case it relates to the speed, as the Aruba switch I am using has a web portal that shows details on the ports, and so I can see the right setting are being set: 10 Mbps and half-duplex (see image).

    The oddity is that it seems to work fine, in the sense that the first two lights are on, and I can see the DNS requests are being correctly processed by my DNS resolver. But it just seem unable to connect to the cloud for some reason (see image).

    I'm trying to investigate this further, but all I have so far from the tech people at tado is that "Currently our engineers suspect that the Internet Bridge is not able to handle the slight fluctuations in the signal that could occur in a PoE system."

  • Can you disable PoE on that port? That would remove that factor