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Tado needs the ability to use multiple wireless temperature thermostats to control different rooms independently.
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  • Can you explain how this could be done?
  • It can be done but you need accompanying SRVs in each room alongside the wireless thermostats; slightly expensive option . . .

  • You can control multiple rooms independently with a Tado wireless room stat and Tado trv.

  • That's a lot of tado devices to achieve this......very expensive
  • Since January 2022 we have spent £750 on 14 Tado devices. Looking back at the monthly gas usage for 2018-21, the Tado spend has helped us to significantly reduce our home energy use for heating and HW. For the last 12 months the saving on bills is £1,300, that's over £100 a month. ROI of 8 months at present UK energy prices is a pretty good return.

    For energy ROI comparisons ... The home-office IT refresh with recycled devices was 1.5 years. Replacing the very inefficient 1970's warm air heating with a wet system and more insulation was 7 years. On a different measure of 2018-21 to 2023 home energy efficiency, annual CO2e, using Tado controls has reduced our footprint by circa 2600 kg.

  • @wateroakley
    I believe you......but your experience is definitely an outlier within the tado Community.....at least that is my opinion.
    If everyone else is happy with the "savings" that they have achieved balanced against the idiosyncrasies of operating a tado derived CH and Hot Water system......then maybe it's me that is the outlier.....and therefore.. So be it.
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    Blimey! WaterOakley's monthly SAVING is around twice the actual COST of my monthly heating bill during cold months! I mention this solely to show the huge differences we will have across the board here and I tend to side more with GrayDav's point that it is likely that the cost of convenience etc weighs against the benefit of reduced energy consumption for many users?

  • I've tracked my energy usage month by month since start of 2020. I installed Tado start of 2022 so have some good data. I have quite a large system and it cost £887.46. I use auto-assist (and am ignoring that cost in these calls) as well as using IFTTT to use individual person/room geofencing for my home office and the kids bedrooms. I am seeing average annual kWh saving of 9955, at 7.5p a unit that's £746, so covered my costs in just over a year.

    I've got that by only heating rooms at specific times when I need them and also by being careful not to heat hot water when I don't need it either.

    So that's real money kept in my pocket, and commensurate reduction in carbon so great, but I have some other benefits, mostly around comfort. Three examples:

    I used to have one room that is colder than others. I can now heat that room individually so it is always right.

    I don't come home to a cold house when away for a while.

    I can control heating from the sofa.

    Don't get me wrong, Tado could be a lot better, but is is considerably better than a dumb thermostat if you persevere and if you are a little bit tech.

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    Can I just point out that your annual savings of 9955 kWh.....is actually equal to my total annual kWh gas consumption......you must have a mansion or either your previous non Tado system was horrendously poor.
    I purchased a large number of tado devices over 3 years ago.....I have removed all 10 of my tado SRT's for this coming winter period.
  • I hear you @GrayDav4276 and it is a big system and there’s a fair amount of glass in the house so needs a decent chunk of heat. I would expect a smaller house to have a commensurately smaller system but still provide savings if well managed.
  • @thefern

    I hear and agree with your comments.......I have been a tado user for just over 3 years, and have tried just about every conceivable combination of setups ........I think that I have finally got a system that works very well (for me).......I have replaced all my tado SRT's with old "dumb" TRV's........I have 1 Wireless Thermostat and 1 Wireless Temperature Sensor to control the "firing" of my boiler. Most of my TRV's are set on 2......and my boiler Flow temperature is set to 60°C. I am utilising the "Low & Slow" method of heating my home. When the weather gets properly cold, I can easily adjust the boiler flow temperature and also adjust the relevant TRV's. I am naturally always trying to be as economical as possible in our 3 bedroom detached 70's house.......however I have come to realise that there is no 1 specific setup that works for everyone, cos our households are all unique to ourselves.....and @thefern if your system works for you and you are happy with it.....then it's "right". 👍

  • @GrayDav4276 am I the outlier? Probably. Definitely trying to cut down on the ££ energy spend after ‘retiring’ from paid work. The 2022/23 heating savings we have implemented are a) changing ‘whole-house’ heating with dumb trvs to timed CH of rooms and HW. B) one or two days a week, leave home very early, turn everything off. near home late, turn back on. Without boiling the ocean, the data reports a circa 50% saving on HW energy by timing carefully instead of 24x7. In there, a regular 20% saving for every summer day out, from a short HW schedule of x2 a day instead of x3. The downside is forgetting to change the HW timer and an occasional cold shower, brrr.

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    My point is.....that everyone's household is unique and therefore everyone's method of maximising the efficiency of their system to achieve financial savings or at least reductions in running costs.....is also unique to their setup.
    If the user is happy with what they have achieved....then that is a good result.
    So....what works for one person is not necessarily going to achieve the result that is acceptable to another person.
    If you are a satisfied customer/user then great.....but the proof of efficiency is the m3 used and not specifically the kWh.
    I've had tado for over 3 years.....but this will probably be my last winter with it.
    Maybe I should point out that my house is a 3 bed detached and I am a stay at home pensioner.