Lowest sepoint temp is 16 degrees

On my Mitsubishi AC can i set the setpoint as low as 5 degrees. In Tado app the lowest setpoint is 16 degrees.
Make it possible to have lower setpoint in Tado then 16 degrees!
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  • Any news about this?
  • Any news?
    This makes my Tado useless since I want to have 10-12 degrees in my summerhouse during the winter.
  • AndersL
    Any news? Today TADO is useless for applications when you have houses were you want to have a lower temp in the winter.. Most of AC producers had now 10 degrees as lowest setpoint just because of that.
  • FFM
    FFM ✭✭

    You do understand that this is not Tado support, right?

    Contact Tado and ask.