How customisable are tado’s manual controls?

Hello all. I’m considering setting up my whole house with tado - smart radiator valves included.

I’m yet to find a clear answer on something and wonder if someone can help.

Is it possible to control the whole system manually with one ‘command’? Whether that’s a button in the app or an Alexa voice command.

Probably easiest to give an example. In winter, we tend to dry clothes by putting a clothes horse next to a big radiator in our hallway. Could I, with one command / input, turn off all the radiators in the house except that one? Ideally via a simple Alexa command. Overriding whatever schedule the system was on. Or would I need to make the change manually room by room? I do appreciate this might be an Alexa / controller question as much as a tado question.

I understand the schedules (home/away) and that there is a manual control option. I suppose what I’m after is somewhere in the middle.

I hope that makes sense; thanks in advance!


  • Yes, with two commands, “switch off all rooms” followed by turning the one radiator on individually. Then “resume schedule” when you’ve finished . . .
  • Thanks very much hugbilly. That’s clear and certainly answers my example.

    And my example perhaps wasn’t the best to illustrate what I was getting at.. what I mean is can I create a “profile” of settings - eg “radiator w off, radiator x at a degrees, radiator y at b degrees and radiator z at c degrees” that I can manually start with one prompt?

    Almost like an extra schedule, but that isn’t actually scheduled until I call for it.
  • There are automations to do this with HomeKit (though I don’t know how reliable they are) so I suspect there’s something similar with Alexa.
  • @boon

    Two Alexa voice commands seems to be very efficient to me.......if you try to over complicate what you require, then you could easily lose your way.

    For me....Alexa has made my system workable......but I admit to bring an Alexa fan.

  • Yes, I guess you could do it quite easily by writing a couple of routines for Alexa to follow . . .

  • Thanks all! Have a good day.