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Here is a really novel idea. A support service that actually supports its customers!

Having run into an issue, finding out that all support is now via the chat bot. Only to find that no support engineer has even looked at the request in nearly 48 hours.

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  • GrayDav4276
    Welcome to the Tado world.....
  • CukeUK

    Quite, I managed a email conversation with support but they were taking at least 24 hours to respond. To take other companies as a example, Reolink were responding almost immediately.

  • roycruse

    100% agree - I'm into a second month of a fairly serious issue with the Tado wireless receiver and ive struggled to bridge the gap between first line support and the teams that can understand my issues and do something about it.

    They need a functioning escalation system that recognises when something needs escalating and they need to take ownership of seeing support issues through to a resolution.

    My issue is hopefully now being looked at but I had to really take extraordinary measures to be taken seriously which shouldn't have been the case.

    I really like the system - and when the issues i have are sorted ill be singing its praises.

  • johnbur
    Sadly, no one from Tado cares any more.
  • roycruse

    My issues have all now been resolved and a new firmware build has been issued to me.

    I did bang my head against the brick wall that is first line support for a couple of months but after taking it into my own hands and escalating it myself it was fixed in a couple of weeks.

    I can therefore confirm there are some engineers there that do "know their stuff" - its just getting access to them.

    Hopefully my experience will get some changes in the organisation so the 1st line support are better at spotting the difference between user error and a genuine fault. As they definately go in assuming its user error - (which is probably the correct thing to do) - but need to have a more efficient escalation process that filters out those with actual issues and faults.